SPSD Class



SPSD Class

SPSD Class

Towards NCKU 2030: Establish A Decentralized Campus and Cultivate Talents for Future Cross-Domain Issues.
The Vision of Future Education is: "Through education, we change lives."

NCKU breaks through the standard education framework and uses the SPSD curriculum to provide students with a freer learning environment. The SPSD curriculum shall enable in the process of sustainable development, to enable NCKU's practice without borders between disciplines and to create a non-universal institution. SPSD Class develops a highly open educational environment and re-establishes the relevance of learning to future life.
In the future, SPSD Class centered on sustainable development issues (climate change, food shortage, war and climate refugees, security issues, etc.) will enable the future talents of NCKU to have the insight and practical ability to challenge global issues.

SPSD Class

“To Change the Human World, NCKU’s Education for Sustainable Development is now in a Complete Transformation.”– President of NCKU, Huey-Jen Jenny Su



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