NCKU Devoted in Global Partnerships



NCKU Devoted in Global Partnerships

SPSD International Strategic Network

Leveraging Research Outcomes for NCKU's Institutional Positioning in Sustainable Development

NCKU SPSD also aims at integrating colleges among university toward the direction of internal innovation development, and to map out the opportunities, based on the research of all colleges in the past, to move toward the NCKU 2030 vision with three major focused domain:
(1) Regional partnership network integration.
(2) Local action Implementation, with the promotion of regional SD action plan, for increasing the productivity of research and industry.
(3) Sustainable Development Talents, to be cultivated and empowered for international collaboration.

NCKU Expand Global Influence with International Strategic Network.
NCKU continues to demonstrate regional characteristics research, expand global dialogue, and then attract cross-regional higher education talents to participate.



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