One Earth、 One Health



One Earth、 One Health

SDG 14 One Earth、 One Health

Earth is the only living planet that humans know so far. However, due to the rapid growth of the human population, all the creatures in the world have suffered from severe pressure to survive. Emerging infectious diseases caused by climate change threaten not only humans (including food supplies and economies) but also species. Therefore, ''Shared Health'' is an important global movement in the future. The purpose of Shared Health is that professionals from different disciplines worldwide work together to achieve optimal health and care for people, animals, plants and the environment.

Regarding many serious challenges that humans, animals, plant health, and the integrity of ecosystems face, to solve current threats and future problems cannot be based on experience and practices of the past. We hope that we could break down the barriers of disciplines and seek more innovative and breakthrough methods in this seminar.
  • (1) Responding to the theme of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on the four main axes of biodiversity, ecology, food, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, health/population, and education, with research strengths in biomedicine, ecology (environment), and animals, Committed to promoting the cross-field development goals of life sciences, improving the quality of life science research in my country, and actively cultivating outstanding talents in cross-fields to meet the changes of the future world.
  • (2) This time, a seminar on women's research career and career is held to encourage women to participate in science and break the prejudice and gender framework of scientists. It is hoped that the invited lecturers will attract female students who are willing to devote themselves to research and promote the atmosphere of female scientific research. A roundtable discussion was held after the meeting, in order to allow the students to discuss with the speakers in a more in-depth manner, and the speakers to share relevant experiences and dialogues more closely.
  • (3) Expanding international academic horizons in the field of life sciences: Invite international experts and scholars from the United States and Japan to share, not only allow teachers, researchers and students to share their experience and research results through this activity, but also increase domestic students’ interest in life sciences knowledge of research and enhance our international competitiveness in research in this field.




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