【SDG17】NCKU and Google Continue to Deepen Academic Collaboration in 2023-國立成功大學永續發展SDGs

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【SDG17】NCKU and Google Continue to Deepen Academic Collaboration in 2023

Group photo of attendees at the “NCKU - Google Collaboration Project Presentation and Exchange Meeting”

NCKU and Google established the NCKU-Google Collaboration Program Committee in 2022 to co-design the way of collaboration. During the last year, both of them have established a good foundation for cooperation and exchange in the fields of artificial intelligence/machine learning, semiconductors, and healthcare. Over the past year, both parties have established a good foundation for cooperation and exchange in the fields of artificial intelligence/machine learning, semiconductors, and healthcare. President Meng-Ru Shen of NCKU and Managing Director of Google Taiwan 馬大康 said on May 2 that they will continue to deepen their partnership in 2023 and share more information and expand more cooperation projects to create a win-win situation for both industry and academia.

The committee said that in 2023, NCKU and Google will continue and deepen research collaboration in existing areas and expand into new collaborative projects, including large-scale language modeling, machine learning, sustainable development, hardware technologies, and sponsorship of Google Cloud Credits, student travel grants, etc.

Dr. 馬大康, Managing Director of Google Taiwan, met with President Shen on the May 2, and both sides agreed that they should continue to strengthen collaboration and deepen exchanges. Afterwards, the " NCKU - Google Collaboration Project Presentation and Exchange Meeting" was held to review the achievements of collaboration and exchange over the past year.

President Shen said that the most important thing for university knowledge and academic research results to be applied in practice is industry-academia collaboration. As one of the few comprehensive universities in Taiwan with complete medical resources, NCKU must make good use of the valuable opportunity to collaborate with Google and invest university resources to contribute to the human and social environment. NCKU is looking forward to deeper industry-academia collaboration and exchange with Google to transform academic results and capacity into products and services, which will bring positive benefits and impacts to the academic field and economic development.

Dr.馬大康 said that Google is pleased to continue to promote exchanges between universities and colleges to help young students in STEM education to enhance their research and practical expertise, and to continue to deepen exchanges between industry and academia in key technology areas in Taiwan through the Google University Exchange Program, the Semiconductor Research Program, and other high-level technology research collaborations. There have been many achievements over the past few years. He also expressed his gratitude to NCKU for its strong support in various projects, and hoped that the industry and academia could move forward together to help Taiwan promote advanced technology development and realize the vision of Smart Taiwan.

Google University Exchange Program Northeast Asia Manager 朱愛民 (top left) participated in the exchange session online.

The members attending the exchange meeting include Principal Shen, Meng-Ru(沈孟儒), Dr. Ma Dakang(馬大康), Dr. Zhu Aimin(朱愛民), the Northeast Asia Manager of the Google University Exchange Program (participating online), Dean Chung, Pau-Choo (詹寶珠) of the College of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Vice president of R&D of NCKU Hsieh, Min Fu (謝旻甫), Vice Dean Kao, Hung-Yu (高宏宇) of the College of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Director Chiou, Lih-Yih (邱瀝毅) of the Future Computing Center in the Department of Electrical Engineering and and the Miin Wu School of Intelligent Computing, Professor Lin, Weifen (林偉棻) from the Undifferentiated Degree Program , Director Tsai, Yishan(蔡依珊) of the Clinical Innovation and Research Center at NCKU Hospital, and Digital Transformation Consultant Casey Yeh (葉啓信) from the Center for Clinical Innovation and Research of NCKU.

The Google University Relations Program was launched in 2020, and Google and NCKU have developed and maintained a good relationship in many areas. The NCKU-Google Collaboration Program Committee was established in May 2022 to work together on the direction of collaboration. 

The results of the industry-academia cooperation in 2022 can be broadly divided into three directions: scientific research, industry-academia exchanges, and academic discussions. In the area of scientific research, the two teams have decided on nine collaborative projects in the past year in the areas of natural language processing, semiconductors, and digital health, including three collaborative projects under Google's Taiwan Silicon Research Program. The collaboration has enhanced the academic capacity of the campus and led to many innovative research results.

Both NCKU and Google agree that they should continue to deepen their partnership.

In terms of industry-academia exchange, in June 2022, NCKU and Google co-organized the Silicon Research Workshop, which attracted more than 50 faculty members and researchers to explore the latest research trends in semiconductors and opportunities for industry-academia collaboration.

For the academic discussions, Google and NCKU co-organized academic conferences and events with speakers appointed by Google, such as the AI Foresight Workshop on October 5, 2022, and the 27th International Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence.



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