The Number of Applicants of NCKU-Bank SinoPac Scholarship Hit Record High-國立成功大學永續發展SDGs

The Number of Applicants of NCKU-Bank SinoPac Scholarship Hit Record High


The Number of Applicants of NCKU-Bank SinoPac Scholarship Hit Record High

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The Number of Applicants of NCKU-Bank SinoPac Scholarship Hit Record High

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and Bank SinoPac have been actively developing talents in the new generation in recent years. Over 400 applicants applied for the "NCKU-Bank SinoPac Scholarship", and 60 of them will be awarded. The applicants are from 20 different countries; in addition, the number has hit record high. On March 4th, NCKU and Bank SinoPac hosted the 5th award ceremony of the scholarship, and the president of NCKU, Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, and the director of Bank SinoPac, Eric Chuang, awarded the certifications to the awardees in person.

"The best way to show gratitude is to become a better you , and a person doing his or her utmost for a better society." Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su indicated in the ceremony that since 2017, over 27 million dollars have been invested, which have assisted more than 400 students to accomplish their dreams. NCKU expects the kindness from Bank SinoPac can be transformed into motivation for students, and students can exert the power to face their missions and responsibilities, contribute to the society, and create a better world.

"NCKU-Bank SinoPac Scholarship '' consists of Outstanding Talent Scholarships and Encouragement Student Aid. The qualification does not limit departments or nationalities, and the scholarship is available for undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su emphasized that although foreign students occupy 10% of students in NCKU; however, nearly half of the applicants for the scholarship this year are foreign students. The result proves that foreign students have fully blended in NCKU, which is an important indicator of diversity and internationality of NCKU. Students from 66 of 81 departments, that is, over three-quarters, in NCKU applied for scholarships, which is a terrific outcome to corporation scholarship.

Director of Bank SinoPac, Eric Chuang, indicated in his speech that during past industry-academia collaboration between NCKU and Bank SinoPac, both sides taught themselves from teaching each other and made plenty of contributions. Mr. Chuang sincerely expects that NCKU and Bank SinoPc can continue their collaboration from industrial and academic aspects. Furthermore, five awardees shared their learning process in the ceremony. Yu-em Chang, who is in second year of graduate school in EE at NCKU, mentioned that she has participated in the industry-academia collaboration since senior year. Through cooperating with those who have experience in finance, she realized that the collaboration enables her not to limit herself in the academic studies, but also to acquire various cognitions on learning how to process data in the industry.

Huynh Thi Thuy Nhien from Vietnam shared her 2-year learning process in Taiwan. She hesitated about studying for a doctorate degree in Taiwan when being a professor in Vietnam. Afterwards, she came to Taiwan with the determination of “I can do it when others can.” Even though she cannot speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, she still earns support from people she does not know. She feels fortunate to step into Taiwan.

Over 400 students from 20 countries and 10 colleges applied for the scholarships this year, 60 students were selected to be awardees, including 20 undergraduate students (50,000 NT dollars for each) and 15 graduate students (100,000 NT dollars for each) for Outstanding Talent Scholarships; 15 locals students and 10 foreign students for Encouragement Student Aid (80,000 NT dollars for each).

The purpose of Outstanding Talent Scholarships is to encourage students with excellent performance, to expect them to study without worries, and to strive for opportunities to broaden horizons abroad in the future; To enable students to explore as much as they could during study period and not to be obstructed by financial difficulties. Encouragement Student Aid is available for whoever is under financial difficulties.

The president of NCKU, Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, the director of Bank SinoPac, Eric Chuang, executive officers of the bank, and director of Atelier Future, Dr. Sun-Yuan Hsieh, attended the ceremony. One of the sections of the ceremony allows students, teachers, and the corporations to interact among them.. Corporations and teachers can further understand students’ opinions; students can also seize the opportunity to show their gratitude to those who nurture them.

Bank SinoPac has been collaborating with NCKU for several years. Not only do they provide scholarships, but they also have opened “Industrial Graduate Program in Business Administration” and “Industrial Graduate Program in Financial Technology and Information Engineering”. Bank SinoPac and NCKU combine academic and industrial resources, and provide both educational assistance and employment opportunities, in order to nurture competitive talents in FinTech.

The 2021 industry-academia collaboration project, “Adequate Site Selection for Bank Branch Location”, was selected as “The Best Product” in The National Brand Yushan Award, which is the result of the collaboration between vice president of NCKU Department of Electrical Department, Hsun-Ping Hsieh and Bank SinoPac Business Planning Division. The work team established a set of evaluation and recommendation systems through artificial intelligence techniques, which can suggest more complete and objective on the decision of the location of the bank branch, and thus elevating the business value of that new branch.

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