NCKU Mechanical Engineering alumni donated to create the "Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall," enriching AI courses-國立成功大學永續發展SDGs

NCKU Mechanical Engineering alumni donated to create the "Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall," enriching AI courses


NCKU Mechanical Engineering alumni donated to create the "Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall," enriching AI courses

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Dr. He-Cheng Li, Chairman of Global Fiberoptics, an outstanding alumnus of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), expressed his gratitude to his alma mater and his maternal roots by generously donating to renovate Room 91202 of the Mechanical Engineering Building into a digital classroom named "Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall." The renovation aims to enhance students' learning outcomes in artificial intelligence courses. On April 8th, Dr. Li, along with former NCKU President Zheng-Yi Weng and other esteemed faculty members, unveiled the plaque commemorating the establishment of the Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall. Dr. Li encouraged current students to dedicate themselves to learning, laying a solid foundation for future development, and fostering innovation and research within the department to contribute more talents to society.

Dr. He-Cheng Li, accompanied by his spouse, former NCKU President Zheng-Yi Weng, Honorary Professor, Chief Secretary Wei-Cheng Lo, Dean of Academic Affairs Sheng-Chih Shen, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering Chien-Hsiang Chang, Department Chair of Mechanical Engineering Tz-Cheng Chiu, and Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Alumni Association Rui-Xiong Yan, jointly unveiled the plaque for the "Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall" in a simple yet warm ceremony. Subsequently, Associate Professor Chi-Lun Lin and Associate Professor Chun-Hui Chung introduced the equipment and teaching facilities of the Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall to the attendees.

Since 2020, Chairman He-Cheng Li has donated a total of NT$15 million over five years to enhance teaching courses and hardware facilities within the Mechanical Engineering Department. With NT$6 million allocated for the renovation of Room 91202, the department renamed it the Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall, using one character from each of Chairman He-Cheng Li's and former President Zheng-Yi Weng's names, aiming to provide students with a conducive learning environment for understanding artificial intelligence and related innovations comprehensively.

Representing President Meng-Ru Shen, Secretary Wei-Cheng Lo expressed gratitude to Chairman He-Cheng Li for his generous donation. He emphasized that the NT$15 million funding is a significant resource for NCKU and the future teaching of the Mechanical Engineering Department. As artificial intelligence development is ongoing, having a digital classroom like the Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall will greatly enhance students' efficiency in learning AI and its applications. Secretary Wei-Cheng Lo also commended former President Zheng-Yi Weng's visionary leadership, advocating for the development of humanities alongside engineering during his tenure, laying the foundation for NCKU to evolve into a comprehensive university.

Former President Zheng-Yi Weng expressed great pride and satisfaction in Dr. He-Cheng Li's achievements and his gratitude towards his teachers and alma mater. He recalled Dr. Li's academic excellence and noted that Dr. Li's investment in the Mechanical Engineering Department would help students understand and utilize artificial intelligence effectively, preparing them for the limitless possibilities of AI development.

Chairman He-Cheng Li revealed that he often skipped classes during his university years, except for one course taught by Professor Zheng-Yi Weng in the second semester of his sophomore year. Despite his mediocre academic performance, he considered university life to be the most liberating period of his life. He shared his university experiences, emphasizing that inadvertently learned lessons might open doors for personal development in the future. He urged current students to leverage their mechanical expertise to create more value through artificial intelligence and seize opportunities in other industries. He also pledged his support for the Mechanical Engineering Department's curriculum development in the future.

The Mechanical Engineering Building, located on the Tzu-Chiang Campus, has been standing for over 20 years since its construction in 1977. However, with the current advancements in technology, there is room for improvement in teaching facilities. The Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall features large touchscreen displays, high-bandwidth wired and wireless networks, digital podiums, and video recording systems. In addition to facilitating group learning, remote teaching, and data collection, the inclusion of a dedicated fiber-optic network ensures swift and reliable connectivity.

Currently, the network infrastructure within the Mechanical Engineering Building is relatively conventional. There is a concern that during classes, the collective use of bandwidth may not be sufficient. However, a dedicated fiber-optic line connects to the Taiwan Academic Network, which further links to the high-speed network of the National Center for High-performance Computing. This setup ensures that students can meet the fast and real-time requirements when learning to establish artificial intelligence models for mechanical production, equipment maintenance, and other applications. From programming that requires extensive data collection and rapid transmission of large images to computer processing of complex calculations, analysis, and data feedback, the network infrastructure supports these tasks efficiently.

Outside the classroom, smart environmental monitoring systems have been installed, including electronic signboards providing real-time information on class attendance and schedules, facial recognition for temperature checks, and sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, and air quality. The data collected and analyzed from these devices allow instructors to track student attendance and assess learning progress, enabling them to adjust teaching methods or course content accordingly. Department Chair Tz-Cheng Chiu stated that besides establishing the Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall, Dr. He-Cheng Li's donation would also be used to enhance digital teaching equipment and environments for undergraduate courses, particularly those related to AI. Under the collaboration of Professor Jeen-Shing Wang and Professor Wei-Jun Jiang from the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Professor Chi-Lun Lin from the Mechanical Engineering Department, AI-related courses have been offered to undergraduate students since the second semester of 2020.

Chairman He-Cheng Li graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NCKU in 1979 before pursuing further studies in the United States, where he obtained his master's and doctoral degrees from the University of California, Berkeley. In 1986, he founded DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. in the United States, and established a subsidiary in Taiwan in 1999. Da-Tech Fiber Optics Co., Ltd. is recognized as an innovative leader in the fiber optics market, with its products widely used in defense, aerospace, and manufacturing industries.

The unveiling of the "Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall".

Director of Secretariat at NCKU, Wei-Cheng Lo, expresses gratitude to Chairman He-Cheng Li for his generous donation.

Former President Zheng-Yi Weng is greatly pleased and proud of Chairman He-Cheng Li's achievements as a student, his unwavering gratitude towards his teachers and alma mater.

Chairman He-Cheng Li of Global Fiberoptics hopes that younger students will use artificial intelligence to create more value in the field of mechanical engineering.

Associate Professor Chi-Lun Lin from the Department of Mechanical Engineering introduces the equipment and teaching methods of the "Yi-Cheng Innovation Hall" to the audience.

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