Successful Women’s Silhouette-國立成功大學永續發展SDGs

Successful Women’s Silhouette


Successful Women’s Silhouette

Synergy Correlation

The history of National Cheng Kung University exhibits a strong background in science and engineering. The school regulations of 1934 stated: "To provide the necessary higher education for males who are engaged in industry and to train them to become useful figures for the country.” This indeed recognizes NCKU’s core of cultivating males during the school’s development and atmosphere in the past. However, changes occurred after the 228 Event in 1947 in response to this event. In addition to the admission of female students, female professors were recruited to the campus. In response to the increase of the female members, female related space specifications on the campus were constructed which promoted female participation in campus public affairs.

Based on the significant influences of women’s participation in the social and administrative development, this plan intends to understand the history of women’s participation in campus administration during 84 years of NCKU history. The historical trajectory of women's participation in public administration from the development of NCKU and social women's rights and interests will be researched. Digital technology development promoted social reflection on gender through gender-related knowledge construction and dissemination. Gender based culture is promoted by multiple media sources including the internet, movies, books, digital databases, and online communities. Therefore, digital technology development is not only about preserving the history of gender development in the past, but also provides a way to create a new philosophy for the future gender culture of Taiwanese society. This can be accomplished through the construction and dissemination of digital media. Thus, this plan aims to preserve the history of women’s participation in the public administration of NCKU campus through gender database construction. With this, the importance of women in campus development can be cogitated on, and analyze the gender cultural changes throughout the years from a rational perspective.

Simultaneously, the community may be able to learn about the unique significances of each of the female professors on the campus with touching biographical stories. Then, by combining the two perspectives, the different perspectives of the females' endeavors can be outlined. Under the developmental changes of the Taiwanese society, we can ponder the gender cultural development on the campus and in Taiwanese society of the past eighty years, and discover additional assistance and development for women who participate in public administration.

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