• Signature Program of Sustainable Development (SPSD)

    Through Signature Program of Sustainable Development (SPSD), NCKU forge the consensus on campus through mapping, to optimize the application strategies of the on-campus resources of NCKU and to elevate its impacts to the level of solving global challenges, with SD mindset for its strategy.
  • NCKU 2030

    “With NCKU 2030, We Aims for Creating Infinite Possibilities for Sustainable Development Solutions, to be inclusive for diverse context required to solve needs locally and to live up to the value of leaving no one behind.“– President of NCKU, Huey-Jen Jenny Su
  • SPSD Class

    Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)“ESD Provides an Opportunity for Dialogue between the Present and the Future. Through education, higher education will change the future life to move the vision onwards.” – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO
  • Stories of University on Sustainable Development

    University on Sustainable Development“The Enforced Role of the University in Society on Sustainable Development is Key Driver For Sustainable Transformation.”
  • Partnership Is Core of NCKU 2030.

    NCKU pro-actively expands international alliances as well as supporting building regional partnerships, all of which are in line with the Goal 17 of the SDGs, Global Partnerships.
  • NCKU Devoted in Global Partnerships

    NCKU believes that the SDGs provide a common language for various sectors to communicate, which will gradually integrate the understanding and resources across ages, ethnic groups and stakeholders.



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