NOVA Project Scholarship converges experience inheritance across generations-國立成功大學永續發展SDGs

NOVA Project Scholarship Converges Experience Inheritance Across Generations


NOVA Project Scholarship Converges Experience Inheritance Across Generations

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NCKU offered a total amount of one billion NT NOVA Project Scholarship, drawing the attention of the higher education community.  Beyond the funding itself, each 20,000 USD "NOVA Project Scholarship" contains the alumni’s connections with alma mater as well as the desire to pass on their experience. It is like the stars shining brightly all over the world.

A majority of  outstanding students who study at  the top universities have plans to study abroad or exchange students. Due to academic and financial considerations, they usually start preparing the arrangements in the second year and execute the plan in the third year. Everything is expected to become more smoothly  with assistance of the Scholarship and sponsors from alumni. According to Dr. Yu-ming Wang, Vice President of Office of Academic Affairs, compared with most of the scholarships in the past, NOVA Project Scholarship mainly focuses on overseas internships and overseas exchanges so that students can go abroad and expand their knowledge through the scholarship. 

The program is not only for economic and material aspects, but also teams up a mentor group of 30 to 50 alumni who are willing to provide professional counseling and support of any kind. Through the subsidy of US$20,000 each and with the experience passed by alumni in the United States, it is expected that the NOVA-awardees will have greater opportunities to go abroad for research, study, internship, and improve their international competitiveness.  Additionally, other practical assistance will also be provided, such as entering the alumni company for internships and getting living expenses subsidy.

In terms of career planning, alumni take their own experience as an example. The alumni may have been in the difficult situation of feeling lonely and hesitant about their future when they were students. As they finally have the ability now,  they are happy to share their experience with juniors.

In terms of life, alumni are willing to share their points of view on the cultural differences to help juniors quickly adapt to the new environment. Through the mentor group, generations are linked, hoping to pass on warmth and sincerity to the newcomers studying overseas. 

In terms of connecting with the practical world, North American alumnus Luke Xiu, who plays an important role in the global semiconductor industry, pointed out that the trend of current industry world supply chain is obvious, and international integration is a must. ‘"NCKU graduates have always been pragmatic and hard-working, looking forward to seeing them more lively and imaginative in the future, thinking outside the box, and pursuing higher achievements."

Since 2019, NCKU has been committed to promoting Undergraduate Research and encouraging students to 
unleash their learning potential. Not only has it held the Undergraduate Research Day for three consecutive years, but also invited students who have won international competitions to share their research experience and organized laboratory visits. According to the Vice President of the Office of Academic Affairs, Dr. Wang Yumin, the NOVA program aims at inspiring more outstanding students to challenge themselves abroad, cultivating their ability to think independently, judge, and solve problems, and stimulating them to actively explore academic insights.


NOVA Project Scholarship is raised by  NCKU alumni

NOVA Project Scholarship aims to raise 100 million 

Students of NCKU have the opportunity to use the NOVA Project Scholarship to make plans such as study abroad

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